My Core Values


Our veterans deserve the best care and support this great country can offer. Too many veterans do not receive proper medical care and live in poverty. I will stand and fight for all who served with valor to get those benefits and help they deserve! These proud men and women protected our freedoms. Now is the time for us to stand and deliver!


Retirement needs to be the golden years of one’s life. Those who have worked hard need to know that they will receive the medical and financial benefits promised them! People should not have to choose between paying their utilities or buying their medicine. Affordable medical care and Social Security need to remain part of the American dream.


Our teachers are professionals who deserve an income that recognizes their responsibility to prepare our children for the world of work and civic engagement. Too many of the proposed Federal reforms for elementary and secondary education move us backward. We need to listen to our teachers to learn how best to support public education.


We in West Virginia do not want handouts. We want real jobs that pay a living wage. I will work to bring emerging commercial opportunities for West Virginia, including the aeronautics industry, alternative energy, cybersecurity, and the rehabilitation of exhausted mines and innovations in farming technologies.

I will revise the Appalachian Regional Commission budget and mission to provided development grants to allow local communities to develop new sources of commerce.

I will revise Federal labor laws to ensure full-time employment that provides a fair wage and access to affordable care.

I will work to provide incentives for corporations that expand to Appalachia, hire veterans, provide job training, and support family and catastrophic leave


We need a rational and systematic efforts to curb drug abuse. We need to arrest, prevent, and treat.

I will work to grant greater coordination among local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to track and break the commercial markets supporting drug trade.

I will work to support the in-school and after-school programs to help children develop the skills needed to avoid addiction.

I will work to enhance programs that treat the addicted. These efforts include our fine Drug Courts and community-based treatment centers. I will fight for Mental Health Parity, after school programming, and job enrichment.


College students graduate with too much debt. We need to change our student financial aid policy from one that allows banks to charge high interest rates to one that invests in our students’ future. We need to provide debt forgiveness for students entering critical occupations and willing to work in economically distressed areas.

We also need to provide equal support for students entering colleges and universities, community colleges, and trade and vocational schools.