Thanks friend

My name is Mike Chapman, I am a local business owner of several pizza delivery/carry-out restaurants and donut shops in the Tri-State area. I have know Paul Davis for over 40 years or since we were sophomores in high school at Huntington East High School. We met thru a job we both had with longtime WV business Heck’s Discount Stores. Since those days, we have both taken different paths but have always stayed in touch. Paul has worked extremely hard at getting to where he is┬átoday. From getting his masters degree later in life while still working a full time job with the Tri-State Transit Authority and later accepting the role as the General Manager/CEO. Paul has always been involved in his community and has encouraged others to do the same. With Paul you always get what you see. Paul has always had the highest level of integrity and truly cares about what is going on around him, which in my opinion makes him perfect for this job in representing our state in Congress Paul brings all the necessary skills that are important to this role and will truly benefit our state. If you want to see positive changes in our state, vote for Paul Davis.
Sincerely, Mike Chapman

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